The Zomgorgs/Zomgigas were a collective of parasitoids related to the Basilisks, that turned human beings into undead monstrosities.

Types of Parasitoids Edit

Default: A string-like organism with several glands across its body that produces chemicals for purposes of editing its hosts features. At the tip of the tail is a "needle", which exists for the purposes of using itself to sew body parts together in case of injury, and to reform the host into the desired template. At the other end of the body is a small round head which it uses to control the brain of its host.

Puppetmaster: Similar to default, but its body is thick as a rope, and it has several of the "editing" glands, which are similar in appearance to beads on a string. The end of its tail splits into 3 different tails, each with their own needle. At the other end of its body, is a point where the body splits into 5 different "necks", each of which has a small round head which controls the brain of the host, which is the Zomgiant (more on that later). There is only one.

Types of Zomgorgs/Zomgigas (hosts) Edit

Default Zomgorg: This is the result of a human being taken over by a Zomgorg parasitoid. Here's a link to what they would look like (however, it would have a thicker and shorter tail). They can fly, and have weak skin susceptible to fire and water.

Default Zomgiga: It appears rather spiderlike, but has the characteristic sideways jaws.

Zomgiant: To be added later, it's spiderlike, complex, and basically just a giant exaggerated Zomgiga.

ZomGorge: To be adder later, it's a giant, bulky Zomgorg, that is similar in proportion to a Screaming Death from the HTTYD franchise.