Virisis was the mortal enemy of Itanimulli. Virisis was in the 2nd universe, Dos.

Appearance Edit


Squiggly lines=wires That's binary on it's head.

Virtual CC13

A CC13 computer virus but without the binary code all over it.

It's better to show a drawing of Virisis instead of telling about it.

Virisis is a cyborg virus that was created by Dark Mind splicing a CC13 virus with a Dride.

History Edit

Virisis was originally a CC13 virus who survived the near extinction of the plague. Dark Mind than manipulated reality to splice that virus with the Dride, therefore creating Virisis. Virisis then, using his newfound powers, created an army of computer viruses. The computer viruses could partially manifest themselves in real life, as large, dog sized CC13 viruses made of binary code. However, they were slow, and when the head is damaged, they melt into liquid.

Then, the events that are described on the page Illuminati happened, and Virisis was defeated.