What it's face looks like basically.

The Reaper of Chaos is an enormously-powerful and extremely dangerous dark force. He is the shadow of the Death Doctor, essentially a part of him that didn't go to purgatory. He has the power of absorption.

Description Edit

He is a red skeleton who is glowing neon-red. The inside of his bony chest is Insani-fire. He wears a reaper coat that infinitely drips with blood. His scythe is made of Insani-fire. He can summon a phantom army. Staring at the Reaper of Chaos will fill you with sheer horror, so much horror that you can't move, can't speak. You will be standing there catatonically with an expression of sheer terror carved on your face. His touch will burn any and all flesh with Insani-fire. His horrifying cackle can be heard through all the halls of the Laboratory, and the Insani-fire makes the Reaper feel horrible pain in his chest from time to time, so he occasionally screams and screams from the pain.

(Note: only those with enough willpower are able to resist the Reaper's stare).

Grudge against Akriex Edit

Akriex is the Reaper of Chaos's worst enemy. Legend says that Akriex cursed the Creator of the Laboratory to become the Reaper of Chaos, forever in pain from the Insani-fire in his chest. Akriex has also tortured the family of the Creator and killed them. The Reaper of Chaos is doomed to wander endlessly around the Lab, vengefully searching for the one who cursed him, and will kill anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross his path.

Weakness Edit

The Reaper has only one physical weak spot – his chest. The Insani-fire constantly keeps his ribcage relatively weak, never at peak durability (although still far stronger than the bones of a human at peak physical condition). Therefore, if someone is fast and strong enough, they will be able to repel the Reaper by violently stabbing or punching through the Reaper's chest.

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