The LaboratoryMAP

(Bad drawing of a map of the Laboratory, the gray circle with a green outline is supposed to be Ziz's location, the purple circle with the green outline is supposed to be the Leviathan's location, the red circle with the green outline is supposed to be the Behemoth's location, and that's all the Colossi. The black circle is the Island of Anarchy, and the purple circle is the Laboratory. The purple lines inside the Laboratory are hallways, and the red X is where Necrotron is located (albeit not turned on and with no eyes). The Reaper of Chaos wanders all the halls, and also the red-orange-yellow stuff is the Lava Lake.

Beware, as there are tons of hazards and deadly things that live in The Laboratory...


SKREEE!!! -chomps screen in half-

The place you are now. A place of darkness and no escape. It looks like a steampunk madman got the building materials to make a city and went crazy, except with dark purple metal, and it is always night. There are many horrific automatons waiting to greet (and kill) you. Anything can be a torture device. Much misery, hatred, and fear is embedded into this place, brick by brick.