Shades are hollow shells of their respective origins, and are quite rare. They are a type of being.

Rules Edit

Shades can only be formed by extreme pain and suffering to their origin person, or an extreme desire to finish something they started.

They do not have to appear entirely like their origin person, but they have to have at least one eye of the same color, they have to have the same height, and the same general body shape.

They do not keep the intelligence of their origin person, instead becoming more animalistic; at most, they can taunt people, and say things like "die", "burn", and "fresh meat".

And finally, they do not have to be formed in the same place as their origin person is, but they have to be formed in a place connected to their respective origin person.

Examples of Shades Edit

The Reaper of Chaos

The Bringer of Bloodshed