1. Humans are unlike real humans, and can have powers beyond your wildest dreams. They also don't look entirely like real humans: no ears, noses, feet, etc.
  2. Resurrection is possible, and can be achieved in various different ways: if you are a semi-god (like Bob and Steve), if enough people worship you, it makes you strong enough to resist death. It's also possible for Shades to be created, which is not full resurrection: it just makes a clone of you, essentially. More on the Shades page. Also, if one dies a particularly gruesome death, and no one is there to know of it, you can possess an inanimate object and make it a body (in the case of Gray, it was clay).
  3. Immortality is essentially possible, as Bob doesn't die if he doesn't end up forgotten.
  4. All beings have something which is literally what makes them alive in the first place, which is a soul. When one dies, the soul usually leaves the body and ends up shattering into various bits of essence, and at that point there is no return from death. Sometimes that doesn't happen, and the soul comes back.
  5. Different dimensions exist, and they can be easily accessed by making portals out of Byneium and Byneite
  6. There is no one true evil being responsible for everything, nor one true good being. There are many different embodiments of various or even the same thing, IE, Fading Light and Am Dhaegar both represented light at THE SAME TIME (confusing I know), and it's never really explained.
  7. Atoms don't exist, there's just formless matter, energy, and empty space, and the combination of energy and formless matter makes different materials.
  8. More to be added later.