Occasionally, strange things happen.

Strange noises. Sometimes they are silent, just like a howl of the wind or footsteps in distant empty places, sometimes sounds can be loud, like sounds of something being dropped or knocks from the walls. Sometimes sounds are so blurred and unclear that it's even hard to understand whether you hear them for real, or are they only in your head. Sometimes it feels like walls silently moan, sometimes there are abnormal echoes, or it even feels like places "play back" what happened there before.

Occasionally, one can notice that his items moved or disappeared during his absence, and sometimes items seem to move on their own while no one looks at them.

Occasionally, there are unexplained shadows - sightings of floating shapes and shadows, never seen clearly, only by the corner of an eye.

In dark and cold places, when no one expects to hear or see anything, occasionally strange whispers can be heard, and they seem to come right from behind, but no one can get a single word. Very rarely, it even seems like something is moving in the darkest corner.

No one knows what it is. No one can even say whether there is something at all. 

Sometimes things just happen, just as death happens, it might be useless to seek for a name or a face to blame. And even if there is something, then no one can explain anything. However, rumors say that whatever it is, it does not seem to come from here, it just feels like it came somewhere from outside. It's something beyond knowledge and understanding, this is a very definition of paranormal.