A sketch. The purple line is the height of a human.(Edit: this is it's former appearance. It now is shiny titanium, with stainless steel claws and shoulder-spikes.)

A large mech found in The Laboratory. It is known that the Death Doctor made it, but he never got to use it.

Appearance Edit

It is a giant, titanium mech in the shape of a person, with a cycloptic eye similar to SODaLG, but has purple eyes like that of the Death Doctor with a red haze to it.

It has spikes coming out of its shoulders, has legs that end in points for feet, and has long arms with metal pincers.

Abilities Edit

The pincers are capable of grabbing things with high precision and promptly chopping them, and the mech itself is quite strong, being able to survive quite a few hits from various weapons.

History Edit

X-Beta: Towards the end of X-Beta, the Death Doctor created this mech in preparation to attack Kaetie and anyone who would stand in his way, and left it on Planet Chaos in The Laboratory, but his plans were quickly cut short as Kaetie sent him to a purgatory-like-state. It was left in disrepair.

Y-Delta: The Death Doctor came back to the Laboratory, repaired it, and cleaned it, making it good as new. He prepared to use it as a secret weapon.

Z-Omega: The Death Doctor quickly hurried into the mech, and went into a portal he created via Byneium to Grey, taking the mech with him.

Grey: He quickly had to abandon it as it was too big to hide, and he hid it in a ravine.

Prime: Necrotron had ended up falling into The Void, and Crook transformed it into Gnma Anh. The rest is there.

Trivia Edit

  • Was originally gonna be more important, but the idea was scrapped for cheesiness.

Theme Edit

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