The Illuminati was a collective army of various entities made of triangles. It was lead by Itanimulli. The Illuminati appeared in Dos, the 2nd universe. All of them have triangular heads with one eye.

Types of Illuminati troops Edit

Illumi-titans: 20 feet tall muscular humanoids made of triangles with cycloptic eyes and appear to be made of armor.

Illumi-lords: 6.2 feet tall miniature Illumi-titans with heads a bit too big for their bodies. They are more crudely assembled than Illumi-titans.

Illumi-soldiers: 5 feet tall skinny humanoids with a more tall head than the others. They are the weakest and most cowardly.

Illumi-Beasts: 50 feet long, strong creatures with gorilla-like arms and no legs. They have a stub of a tail.

Illumi-Savages: 45 feet tall, brutish humanoids, with clubs or battle axes in their hands.


An Illumi-savage. More images later.

Gloomi-Beast: A extra large Illumi-beast that is 1000 feet long instead of 50. It's made of the dead Illuminati troops. It has 3 hydra-like necks, each with triangular heads and mouths (similar to a Whispering Death from How To Train Your Dragon). They can suck things into their mouths.

Itanimulli: The leader of the Illuminati. He can't manifest himself as anything other than a giant triangle with 3 eyes and antlers.

History Edit

During Eden-Alpha, Dos was made, and with it, Itanimulli. Itanimulli transformed the half the human race of Dos into his minions, and then lost the power to make more. Virisis the Virile Virus and humanity declared war on Itanimulli, yet Virisis the Virile Virus was also fighting humanity, making a 3 way war. Eventually, the day before Z-Omega, Virisis was cornered by the Gloomi-Beast, and was destroyed, and Virsis' army was wiped off the earth and internet after Virisis' death. Itanimulli had planned to celebrate his victory, but then the Dark Mind finally manifested his physical form, and he started the end of the 3 universes. Itanimulli tried to run, but he soon realized it was pointless, and he accepted his fate. He, and his entire army, was ripped apart.