Gray is an abomination from the universe Grey, whose exact origins are not known. He is extremely powerful, for he was able to wipe out most of the life in the mentioned universe.

Appearance Edit


Prototype gray Note; the jaws are connected by flesh, and I represented that by 5 ovals. When the jaws open and close, that flesh would expand and contract.

He used to be a human being, but it is not known how he looked.

However, now he appears as an approximately 15 feet tall, slender humanoid being made of clay, with claws on its feet, ripped up clay bat wings, and a head with demon horns, sculpted from clay. Inside of the chest is the skeleton of his former self.

Powers Edit

He can use his wings to fly, he moves somewhat like a vulture, and is capable of sudden, jerky movements using his neck.

If he is injured, and the weather is normal, because he is made of clay, more clay will near instantly fill up the wound, making him self-repairing. But, when he is heated up, his clay hardens, and he becomes vulnerable, because he can be potentially shattered.

When he impales someone with the claws on his feet and kills them, he will drag them back to his mountain, and dump their corpses into the clay vats there, to transform them into an Absentian. An Absentian acts as Gray's minion, and try to act like normal people, but in reality, they are being controlled by Gray. They appear like before, but their iris turns grey, they lose their shadow, they become incredibly pale, and their blood turns into clay. However, if you ask them "What's your favorite color?", they will turn hostile, and transform into a deformed, twisted clay human, with the limbs bent in unnatural ways. Once they enter the hostile state, they cannot turn back.

Lastly, he can turn the ground around him grey, produce fog and make the sun, moon, and stars not appear while he is still alive.