Gnma Anh

Front view.

A large mech made by Crook, capable of incredible feats. It was made from the scrapped Necrotron, and a Switcher Juggernaut or two.

Appearance Edit

It's quite simply a large stickman, with the head alone being 13 feet in diameter. It has incredible strength, and equal durability: there is nothing yet known that can pierce its metallic hide. Where the "face" would be, there is a tinted window, made out of something stronger than diamond, but as easily visible to see through (from the inside) as typical (tinted) car-windshield glass. It's capable of spinning the part of its torso which has the arms attached like a saw blade, enabling it to fly akin to a helicopter.

Abilities Edit

Its joints are as maneuverable as those of a human being, allowing great flexibility. Its strength is so incredible it can break through solid rock and metal walls (albeit metal walls with greater difficulty, only takes 10 seconds though), punch diamond and shatter it, punching even Adam Gorden clear into the sky, and breaking all his bones.

History Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Was inspired by the "mega stickman" in this video.
  • Possibly the simplest design of anything I've made thus far.
  • Its name is an anagram of "hangman", referencing the game.