The Drides (also known as Dri-des) were a collective race of robotic organisms, created by SODaLG after himself.

They appeared in Uno, the first universe. A Dride that was spliced with a CC13 virus in Dos is able to be found here.

Types of Drides/Dride Ranks Edit

A: a floating orb, like one from one of those quarter machine things, but with a randomly chosen metal ball inside of it which acts as the brain. There is also cheap, crude wires inside of the orb, that move around constantly and pulse as the electricity coming from the ball goes into them and back into the ball. They also have bendy straw arms, which can fire a weak amount of electricity out of them.

B: a floating glass ball, with a randomly chosen metal ball, and the same wires and electricity thing. However, connected to the glass ball, is a nickle "collar", and attached to that is a segmented arm made of aluminium with wires poking out. They are significantly more dangerous than type A, because they are several times the size; the size of the glass ball is roughly the size of a human head.

C: they are the same as the last, but have stainless steel metal balls for their "brains", have a plug on the end of their arms, and have a stainless steel covering over their glass ball (head). They are generally used to guard things that are important to SODaLG, for they are a bit brutish, yet fast.

D: same as before, except the covering is titanium, they have 2 of the 'collars' as shoulderpads, and attached to each of them are stainless steel segmented arms. On the end of those arms, are completely solid cast iron balls with cast iron spikes on them to use as weapons. There are only 2 of them, one is on Earth, as SODaLG's general for his army on Earth, and another on Uranus, as the general for his army on Uranus. They are large, with their titanium body being roughly the size of a small car. They have sterling silver balls for "brains".