He appears like this. Imagine the head and arms floating with the giant spiked ring behind it and rotating at random. Also the spikes can detach from everything and become projectiles, then reattach.

Dark Mind/The Dark Mind is the hidden main antagonist of this story. He was in all 3 universes from the very beginning, quietly plotting the end of them. He is the counterpart of Fading Light.

History Edit

The Dark Mind was created along with Fading Light when the universe started in Eden-Alpha. He decided to hide at first, but then he possessed Zalgo and got him to kill Am Dhaegar. However, Zalgo was supposedly killed by his own 2 children out of rage and grief (in reality, Zalgo was sent into a 666 year coma). This forced Dark Mind to go into hiding inside Zalgo's disturbed mind, although he did arranged for the Mutants to be created, as well as Virisis the Virile Virus. Skipping to Z-Omega, 666 years after Eden-Alpha, Dark Mind fought Fading Light, and won. Fading Light was destroyed, with only Fading Light's beams left. Dark Mind then awoke Zalgo, and Zalgo said what was going to happen, in this video. Then, Dark Mind emerged from Zalgo, and in doing this, killed him. Dark Mind then ended all 3 universes, tearing the worlds apart from the inside out. In doing so, he ended himself as well.