The bringer of bloodshed, the worst enemy of the Creator of THE LABORATORY. He is pitch black, blacker than night, with red glowing eyes, and white glowing fists. Akriex has the power of destruction. He is said to be the creator of the fires, and highly dangerous to fight. He is often stained with blood. It is not known what happened to him, but The Reaper of Chaos occasionally begins mumbling: "Akriex, my lord, I will put you back together..."

Grudge against The Reaper of Chaos Edit

Akriex is the Reaper of Chaos's worst enemy. Legend says that Akriex cursed the Creator of the Laboratory to become the Reaper of Chaos, forever in pain from the Insani-fire in his chest. Akriex has also tortured the family of the Creator and killed them. The Reaper of Chaos is doomed to wander endlessly around the Lab, vengefully searching for the one who cursed him, and will kill anyone who is unfortunate enough to cross his path.

Theme Name: Sadism Edit

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