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The Admilis Subsection, otherwise known scientifically as the Stellated Bretoral Admiloræ, are a type of species most known as their abilities as stereotypical tricksters that can transform into various types of Bases, like Mercury, Water, or Darkness, and can transform into various other forms that correspond to that base. For example, a Gyrovhichex Admilis, or a Darkness-controlling Admilis, can transform into things related to darkness, such as the D-Type Draconequus or a simple Bat. Creatures that correspond to the Base type that the Admilis is in can have Intuitive Response shared between them.

Base Types Edit

Orthoyaeger Admilis Edit

Gyroyaeger Admilis Edit

Orthovhichex Admilis Edit

Gyrovhichex Admilis Edit

Vibrato Admilis Edit