Adam Gorden was the prophet of Bob, and was a scourge to the universe of Uno.


He was a 6 feet tall, extremely muscular man, with visible abs, and EXTREMELY muscular, powerful arms, which could tear a gorilla in half. He was well known for his strength.

He also wore a mask of gold, that looked somewhat similar to Darth Vader's mask from Star Wars.

History Edit


A depiction of him without his mask.


A depiction of his mask.

His upbringing is not known, but it is known that he adored Bob for a very long while, and saw him as his mentor. Soon that adoration evolved into full blown worshipping him, and Adam, using his incredible strength, killed his entire family with his bare hands, to prove himself to Bob. He soon rose up in the ranks of Bob's Cult, becoming his primary prophet, recruiting more followers to the Cult.

Not much specific happened after that, mostly just recruiting more followers to the Cult, sacrificing people to Bob, and fighting Bob's enemies and escaping from them.

Skipping from X-Beta to Y-Delta, eventually, Bob was killed by the Death Doctor. He and InsertNameHere were so distraught by his death, that they felt their lives were now meaningless. Adam went into a deep depression, and went into hiding, for years.


During Z-Omega, Adam decided to worship Steve, Bob's brother, instead. He found Steve, and Steve took pity on him, and took him to Grey along with him. Everything else is not decided.